RMA process

Avoid further delays and reduce the communication expense by contacting the manufacturer directly. Obviously you can also process your RMA through us. In doing this please note the following proceedures:

Please obtain an RMA number before returning the goods which should be within the guarantee frame work. This can be obtained at www.api.de as Online RMA form.

IMPORTANT is to include a copy of this form, invoice and a short description of the problem.

Wrong shipments, missing goods and transport damages do not require an RMA. Such issues should be presented to your sales representative or our transport damage division (Tel.: 0049 241/  9170 - 3850 | E-Mail: [email protected]).

Since we have to wait on the test results etc. from each manufacturer please understand that a certain time is required in order to process your goods. Basically there are different procedures from different manufactures ranging from a direct exchange or repaired goods.

» Online form


Please do not forget BEFORE returning the goods to apply for an RMA number via our Online-Form at www.api.de . The RMA number(s) should be written on the outside of the package. Inside you should include with the safely packed goods; a copy of the invoice and short technical description and return to :

API Service
Robert-Koch-Str. 7-17
52499 Baesweiler

Phone: 0049 241 / 9170 - 3800
Fax: 0049 241 / 9170 - 3899
E-Mail: [email protected]